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What's the weather going to be like for the next trial?

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Welcome to my Trial Car Photo Website

Hartside; September 12th. 2010

The 'Links' page contains links to the two pre-existing galleries, containing low resolution copies of the pictures. These images are reduced in size and quality. Their advantages are: they upload quickly, and they look OK on a computer screen; they will probably look all right if printed out at a small size (once you try to go beyond A4, however, then the image pixelation is likely to become obtrusive); they are good for use on a website or in e-mail, because their small file size makes for ease of transmission on the web.

If you want to make high quality prints, though, this is where the high resolution images take over. There are presently (as of November 2015) twelve links to galleries titled 'High Res Gallery One', ' ... Two', ' ... Three' and so on. Because the image resolution is higher than the low res gallery pictures, it is possible to fit far fewer pictures into a single gallery. This means, as I continue to add more photos, that there is a slowly-growing series of High Res Galleries, which I will continue to maintain by adding new pictures as I get them. Make sure you check back regularly to see what new pictures have been added. And if you have any suggestions about other features that I could incorporate into this site, let me know, using the contact details on the 'About Me' page.

The high resolution images are of sufficient resolution to be able to be enlarged to A4 with no problem. Many of them, particularly the more recent ones taken since 2012, will be able to be printed larger still. The high resolution images will also allow for a degree of cropping, should you wish to experiment.

To illustrate this, I have included the two images, below and left. As you can see, an entirely different impact can be generated by recomposing the original image. This is more easy to accomplish, with minimal loss of image quality, from a high resolution image file: the higher the quality, the better.

In this instance, the original image (below) shows the McHardy Boys within the wider environment of the Croglin 1 site. It works by showing the car and the spectators in the broader context of the landscape. 1). By cropping the image into a vertical format, the picture is given a direction; and 2). by making the image appear devoid of other people, the social feel of the original image is lost.

Both pictures: Croglin 1; March 10th. 2013